Thursday, February 21, 2008


What do you miss the most?
Uh.. My late grandmother? Photobucket

What do you do if you meet the person you hate?
Do nothing.. just pretend that I don't hate him Photobucket

One item you really want?

What do you do if you're talking to a stupid person?
Draw the Katana and cut their head Photobucket.... jokingPhotobucket

Last book you read?
Uhh.. Walter Benjamin i guess

The person you're thinking of?
My late grandmotherPhotobucket

Last gossip you heard?
Nuffnang HD Crash?

Last testimonial from?
Unknown someonePhotobucket

Last person u talked to, about what?
Awakkk~! sapu lagi counterpain~!Photobucket

Last 5 places you've visited today.
  • Kitchen
  • Balcony
  • Toilet
  • Artemisu Room
  • Kitchen again
Last text message you received from..
Artemisu : Oke tak yg nieh? *link*

Last cousins you've met?

What did you do this weekend?
Take out cmos battery and put it backPhotobucket

Last person who kissed you?

Last person who hugged you?
Certain someone~!Photobucket

Last person who pinched you?

Last item you bought?
A box of mandarin orangePhotobucket

What is the reason you last cried?
My grandma passed awayPhotobucket

What is your mood now?

Who did you meet 3 days ago?
Shuun, DS and ArtemisuPhotobucket

3 items that are near you?
  • Mug
  • Laptop
  • Joypad

Who is your hero?

What are your plans for next weekend?
Nak balik jb~! Woi bile ako dpt balik jb nieh? PiuuPhotobucket

Why are you filling this survey?
Coz i'm boredPhotobucket

5 person you are tagging?
  • Kak Mielah!!
  • Zypnox~!
  • Ain~!
  • Anyone who got much time to spend~!
  • Anyone who bored as hell like me~!


b u n g a h a t i said...

sy kene jawab tag nie ker? :P

Bleks said...

klu rajin jawab ler dik oii~! haha