Saturday, January 19, 2008

Shutdown Your Computer Remotely

Today i will teach you how to shutdown your computer remotely from another computer on your network (let say you're using computer 1 upstair and want to shutdown computer 2 downstair)

first thing first...

You need..

  1. Administrator account on the target computer
  2. The target computer ip address or the computer name
  3. windows xp or vista
Now the method..

1st Method

  • Click start >> Run and type cmd
  • Type shutdown -m \\computername -s
  • The -s tells the computer to shutdown.. you can change it to -r for restart

2nd Method

Click Start >> Run and type shutdown -i

this one is easier and you can shutdown more than 1 computer at once...

note that this method require you to put reason why you want to shutdown the computer

that's it.. as for 1st method.. you can also make a shortcut and put the command on the shortcut path.. then double click the shortcut to shutdown the target computer :p

next time i'll tell you how to shutdown your computer by using cellphone :p

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